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Hey - it's Kyle & Jay here.


We are wedding videographers servicing Brisbane and surrounding areas of Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, through to Byron Bay and beyond. 


When you look back 2, 3 or say 10 years from now, wouldn’t you want to have a memory that you can not only relive in your mind but visually as well? What about that family member or friend who couldn’t make it to your wedding or better yet, your kids have been asking you how your love story came about and there you are trying to remember every single detail but you just can’t seem to remember every single bit… well that’s where the videography comes in.

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Our film style is candid and authentic! What matters to us is that your story is told as it should be. No two stories are the same and we’d never want to make you feel like they are. It’s all about you and your loved one, on your special day. We know how busy your wedding day can be, you’ll definitely not be able to remember every single moment. That’s why as you enjoy your day, we’ll be your eyes and ears as we capture those special memories that will later on having you feeling nostalgic and a bit déjà vu.

We get to capture those grand jaw-dropping scenes and intimate fleeting moments and turn it into an awesome film that you get to cherish for an entire lifetime. Thoughtful glances, tearful smiles, and meaningful hugs - we gather these little intimate moments all throughout your special day to create a wedding film that is unique, personal, and sincerely you.

Our wedding films are real stories we have crafted to highlight a couple's happy ever after, a bit more animated than a wedding photograph but far more meaningful than any other wedding favor. 


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Pricing & Packages


Our half and full day packages will allow you to not only customize your experience but take charge of your story telling.

Wedding Photography & Videography Packages

from $3,000


Wedding Videography Packages

from $1,500


If you have specific coverage in mind, please have a chat to us about it. We love doing things a bit different and together we can create the perfect keepsake collection for you.

Why Book With Us?


You have spent months, even years planning this day and when the time comes,

it's over in the blink of an eye.


We are there to make sure that when the day draws to an end, you have something special too look back at, to take you to those special moments and relive them over and over.

"Had the best time. He was very good with his work and very friendly and professional. Thank you for make the best video for our wedding. We really love the video. Highly recommend!"

— Manithya & Mady