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Operation Manager


Our name's are Kyle & Jay - we are the founders and operators of Avatara Media.

When we were young, we had this crazy fascination with film and cameras. We were those little kids that were super obsessed with not just the movie but how it was made. You could definitely say that we are certified film nerds. Our interests in film eventually landed us behind the camera where we discovered a newly found love that we haven't since been able to shake - chasing a fleeting moment, capturing it and retelling the story. 

Avatara Media was founded on this love. We're all so different and unique and that's what makes our jobs so exciting. That no matter how happy, how sad, how old or how young - we all have a story that's worth sharing. Your story deserves to be told with the integrity it deserves. Simply put, your story is your story!

We look forward to getting to know you and capturig some amazing memories together.


- Kyle, Jay & Kira

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  • Firstly, we will confirm our availability for you date.

  • Then we can discuss your wedding plans with you and together determine the type of coverage you want. 

  • Once we're all happy we will put together a quote for you to review.

  • You can accept it, sign the contract and choose your payment terms using our online booking system. 



  • On the day we will arrive and begin to set our equipment up. 

  • Relax and enjoy yourself as we capture the magic unfolding around you. 

  • We 


  • After the wedding, we will produce a short teaser of the day to get you excited for what's to come. 

  • Within the next 10 weeks, we will be working tirelessly to handcraft your beautiful wedding films

  • Once you have booked with us, you will get access to our client portal where we keep all your information so nothing gets lost.

  • We will also be in touch regularly to offer any assistance and also provide some helpful tips. 

  • We will send out a couple different questionnaires just so we can get to know you better and start preparing for your the day. 

  • We will create a comprehensive timeline of the day.


Brisbane Wedding Videography & Photography

covering Gold Coast through to Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay & Beyond


Why should I have a videographer at my wedding?

Hiring a videographer to capture your wedding is an important investment. Couples spend months, even years planning this day and when the time comes, its over in the blink of an eye. We are there to make sure that when the day draws to an end, you have something special to look back at, to take you to those special moments and relive them over and over.

What is a Highlights Film?

A highlights reel is kind of like a movie trailer. It is video generally under 10 minutes that showcases the day whilst capturing the atmosphere and emotion. Edited to music, with cinematic style editing and colour grading - the highlights reel is a perfect timestone for you to relive the magic from your day.

I want my guests to feel comfortable, so is wedding videography intrusive?

It is important that we keep everyone feeling comfortable on the day. Our style of filming is realistic and natural. We want candid shots and its hard to achieve if we are making everybody nervous. So our approach is to be minimally intrusive and to capture everything naturally as it unfolds throughout the day.

I already have a photographer. Why do I need a videographer as well?

A photographer captures light, but a videographer captures the story. Photography is amazing, but if you want to travel back in time and experience your wedding day again, hiring a videographer is essential.

How do I secure my booking?

Our booking process is easy! You can use our online booking system to review and accept any quotes we send you, sign the contract and select payment terms that best suit you.

Can I choose my own music?

Sort of. We will ask what kind of feel or atmosphere you want the music to have and you can certainly suggest tracks however we only use songs that we can obtain proper licensing for.

When can I expect to see my wedding film?

We aim to have your online gallery available for you within 4 - 6 weeks from your wedding.

Do you offer any payment plans?

We have a variety of payment options available to best suit your budget and lifestyle.