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3 Tips to a Perfect Wedding Soundtrack

The day you’ve both been waiting for is drawing near. Looking through your checklist, everything seems to be coming together and the jitters and excitement of being able to say yes to your one and only have you wishing that the day would just get here already. But as you look though your checklist, you realize that you still have something pending…  You haven’t settled yet on a wedding soundtrack. Now before you get all riled up and nervous, that’s why we’re here. We know how important this day is and more so how important it is to have a soundtrack that lives up to the day. We don’t want you feeling all stressed and tensed up over this, so here are a few questions to guide you as you go along this journey of finding the soundtrack to your beautiful love story.  1. What Do These Songs Mean To Us?  Okay, so before you can answer that, we have one prior question: If you could sum up your love story into one song what would it be? Can’t think of just one song, that’s even better, all those songs that come to mind, jot them down. The first time you met, the first time you kissed, the first time you were vulnerable with each other, the first time you knew you loved each other, that time you….. Now you can fill this in. Guess what, it’s that simple. Your wedding soundtrack is your love story through music. Whenever you listen to it, it will magically teleport you back to those moments and the best part about this is that it will also have you falling in love all over again.  So, get your thinking hats on and begin the reminiscing journey. It doesn’t matter what type of moment you think of, if you think the song is worth noting down, do so and that will have you going even deeper and deeper and you’ll be amazed at how many songs will come up out of moments that you never really thought much of but in hindsight now really mean a lot. 2. How Can These Songs Fit In With My Theme? At this point, you probably already have a list of songs to work with. That’s great! Now, the second thing you need to consider is your wedding theme.  The great thing about a theme is that it gives a lot of guidance when selecting your soundtrack. You already have the vision, you just need to build on it and that’s why themes are great. For example, if you have a bohemian theme, your wedding soundtrack could be acoustic indie versions of your song choices.  Just think of your wedding as a road map and the theme is the guide though it all.  3. Can My Videographer Use These Songs? You’ve chosen the songs and they match with your theme, so it’s almost an all systems go, you’re just left with one thing… Turning them over to your videographer.  We actually talked about this in FAQ section and this is the response we gave:  Can I choose my own music? “Sort of. We give you the opportunity to select the genre/feel of the songs you want us to work with - however we only use songs we can obtain proper licensing for.” We know it may seem like a stumbling block however we wouldn’t want you to view it that way. When choosing your wedding soundtrack, it’s very important to keep in mind that you may or may not be able to use all the songs chosen due to copyright issues. However, there’s always an alternative to everything. Just think of this as something to be aware of but it doesn’t mean that it should stop you from going through this journey all together.  Finding your soundtrack and settling on it may seem like a long process but in all honestly, it really isn’t. It’s one of the best parts of your love story because what better way to tell your story than through music. At the end of the day, what really counts is that your soundtrack is a musical representation of your journey. If it makes the both of you happy, then nothing else really matters!