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Wedding Videography 101: Is Having a Second Shooter Worth it?

When it comes to wedding videography, the number of shooters or camera operators aren’t as widely discussed with couples and perspective clients as other cinematic details. Soon-to-be wed couples and wedding planners are often more familiar with the different wedding films available in the market, such as feature films and highlight reels, but only a few truly understand the clear importance of having a second person to record the big day’s festivities. 

However, we here at Avatara Media take our craft of storytelling to heart and we are absolutely pro-second shooter, as most professional wedding videography studios and wedding cinematographers probably are. So we’d love to give a clearer take on the difference of having one or two videographers on your own wedding day.

Having a second shooter can be compared to having a second set of eyes, in this specific case, it becomes a second perspective in the most important day of a couple’s life. During weddings, there are so many fleeting moments that can be missed as everything happens so fast and everybody is feeling so ecstatic. The processional march, the exchanging of vows, and even the newlyweds’ first kiss - these are the must-see iconic wedding moments but professional videographers and photographers know that each one has a heartwarming counterpart - like the groom tearing up upon seeing the bride at the foot of the aisle, the parents overwhelmed with love and pride as the vows are exchanged, and the groomsmen excitedly pump their fists in the air during the first kiss. These unguarded moments are spread all throughout the wedding day, from the bridal party preps up to the lively partying in the evening. 

With a second shooter, the wedding day is captured using two different perspectives and two distinct points of view. Imagine watching a wedding video filmed using the same monotonous view, the same angle with every turn, and the same frame over and over again. Boring, right? But having a second shooter means you’ll have another angle and another perspective, with the wedding film eventually turning out to feature interesting shots and varied angles of the wedding day itself. 

As cinematic storytellers, having a second shooter means we get to showcase our best work without hurriedly going to and from the bride and the groom’s rooms during preps. We can take our time in capturing those intimate moments as the bridesmaids gosh over the bride’s beautiful gown without having to worry if the groom is done with his own toast with his blokes. Simply put, a single videographer is great but having a second shooter is better. 

So if you are wondering which wedding videography package should you get, invest right away in a second shooter so you don’t get to miss a single moment of your own day.

After all, the wedding day comes only once in a lifetime yet it is immortalized in a wedding video forever.

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