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Highlights Film VS Feature Film

Has this ever happened to you?

You get on to YouTube and come across a wedding video and 3 hours later you’ve been binge watching people’s wedding films. 

Yes? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us (maybe a little more than we’d like to admit)

That’s the thing about wedding films, when beautifully shot and told, they just have a way of sucking you in and you literally feel as if you know the couple (it’s even better when you actually do) and you were there on that very day sharing their special day with them.

P.S. This is the best moment for a wedding videographer because you are actually experiencing the very emotions we wanted to relay. 

You’ve probably also noticed that during your binge watch, there were some videos that were under 10 minutes and they left you feeling all emotional and wanting more and some were all the way from 20 mins to even 40 mins and these ones left you feeling like you were actually there. 

Well, these videos have a name: The short ones that have you wanting a lot more are known as Highlight Reels and yes you guessed it, the longer ones that have you really deeply engrossed are Feature Films.

Here’s the interesting thing about these two though: Some Highlight Reels are longer than feature films but the main difference between the two is how the moments are captured.

Highlight Reel

You know how some movie trailers just leave you wanting to watch the movie and yet oddly satisfied that you can actually keep re-watching them anticipating for the movie?

That’s exactly what a Highlight Reel is. It’s essentially like the movie trailer to your wedding. The length varies though they tend to be a lot shorter and can range from 5 – 10 minutes. 

The main aim of the Highlight Reel is to capture the highlights of you day and are expressed in a beautiful cinematic way. There are different highlights that can be used but what counts is that it will capture the essence of the day and the atmosphere. 

The beauty about highlight reels is the feeling they leave you with. Since they tend to be really short, they really have that emotional effect going for them. It’s almost like a ride that you don’t want to end. 

With the highlight reel, what really counts is that the highlights are well captured and shot so as to tell your story beautifully. They are definitely a crowd favorite because of the length and the emotions that come with them. 

It’s definitely an option worth considering especially if you would like you guests or even you yourself would like to keep reliving you day, they will definitely have that effect. It’s also a really great way to relive your day with guests who you wish would have attended your wedding but were not able to. They’ll watch it and feel as if they were there with you.

Feature Film

The film part probably gives it a way.

It’s not as long as an ordinary film however it does have the effect of a film.

Feature films tend to be a bit longer though there are some that are shorter and can range from anything 7 to 40 mins. 

The Feature film is not a teaser but it’s a composition of your day. It captures all those special moments from when you are getting ready with your brides maids and grooms men to the really emotional, funny and really special speeches given. 

It’s basically your whole day in less than an hour.

With feature films, the key difference is that they tend to have a lot more moments captured. The main outcome is to have you feeling like you were literally teleport back to those moments and you were reliving them all over again. 

The best part about feature films is the story telling element. They really push us the videographers to pull out all our creative hats as we work to tell your story in the most beautiful, genuine and compelling way. They are well shot and every moment captured has a significance and build ups to the whole story. They tend to leave the viewer feeling emotional (in a good way) and at peace as if they were there with you from the very beginning. As for you, it will leave you feeling like you were back in that moment all over again and nothing’s better than being able to relive your special moments all over again.

For a deeper clarification on which of the two would work well for you or if you can have both, you can reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to help!