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How to choose the right video coverage?

You’ve finally settled on a videographer but then they hit you with something else; you have to select a video coverage. You’re probably thinking “wait a minute, I thought the hard part was done. We did choose a videographer after all so shouldn’t we leave them to work their creative magic and voila… wedding video.”

Yikes… well I hate to break it to you but this is just the beginning of you guessed it… an amazing and rocking journey. Choosing your videographer is just one part of it, now you’ll both get on to this super wild journey as you begin outline and craft how you want your love story to be captured and told. That’s where the wedding coverage comes in. Your wedding video package basically signifies the road map you would like to set on with the final destination being a well told and beautifully shot love story. You’re probably thinking… okay Avatara media, fine you’ve got me… after reading your blog post on why I should hire a wedding videographer, now you’re telling me that there’s also a process to selecting wedding coverage?  Yep there is but it’s not as complex as you probably think it is. Well it depends on you really but all we’re going to do is give you a couple of guidelines on what to consider. Here a couple of questions you can use to guide you in your selection and possibly even your decision. 1. How would I like my story told? Imagine you and your partner 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 years later, sitting back and reminiscing about that very moment. The moment you first laid eyes on each other while coming down the aisle or when your parents gave a toast that literally made you want to bawl your eyes out because of how emotional it was or when your best friend gave that super super cringe toast about your single life and you literally wanted to dig a hole and bury yourself in it…  You’ve got the moment? Great! So guess what?! That’s exactly how you begin crafting your love story and essentially selecting your wedding coverage. You know how they say that a photograph is a moment captured, now a wedding video is several moments captured and basically immortalized. It’s so powerful that by watching it, it can literally take you back to that very moment.  So, when trying to figure out which wedding video is right for you, you’ve first got to think about what exactly you would like to reminisce about.  For example, if you would like to capture every single moment right from the very beginning when you were both getting ready to the very end when you both jump in to your bridal car… The Aurora package might be ideal for you.  The best part about this is that, you’re not just limited to one option. It’s possible to select one package and have some added extras to spice it up. For example, if your idea of a ‘perfect’ wedding video is great shots and cinematic views, adding the drone coverage would work really well as it will allow you to capture those really cinematic angles. In short, your vision comes first before you select the output. Knowing what you want out of this will be very beneficial and will make your work and the creative process a lot easier  2. Do you have a secret surprise/surprises lined up? This is the point to remain super hush hush and show zero inkling of any possible surprise just in case your partner finds out… Were you able to hide it? Great okay let’s talk about this for a minute. Here’s the thing, your wedding ceremony will probably majorly run for about 6 hours and this includes the ceremony, location shoot and majority of the reception. Hence if you have a secret surprise lined up, speak now or forever hold your peace. We’re just kidding, don’t speak now cause then you’ll ruin the surprise but do let your videographer know about it so that the can know how to work that into the video schedule. Your videographer will work with you to ensure that your surprise is well planned out and also well shot. If you just thought of one of those mastermind plans, that’s exactly it. At the end of the day, all we want as videographers is your day immortalized in film. We want you to be able to look back and be like dang, I feel like I just got married all over again by watching this. Plus who also doesn’t want to see that reaction face all over again especially when those...(yep let’s just keep that in for now, wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.) 3. How much am I looking at investing, financially that is? Okay, by now you’re probably thinking, “yeah yeah Avatara, fine I understand that it’s important to know how I would like my story to be told and all but I think you’re forgetting one crucial aspect… and you know what it is” Well, here’s the thing, we didn’t forget, we just wanted to wait that out because we know how heavy of a topic it can be. Let’s face it, the money talk is hard anywhere, regardless where you are. By this point, you’ve probably already had a look at our prices and you may have or not decided if they seem like a worthy investment to make. We know it too and that’s why for us, it pushes us even harder to deliver a stellar and exceptional experience.  We don’t want you feeling like you put your money in the wrong place but we also don’t want you to be too fixated on the tag. Instead, we’d like to remind you that at the end of the day, your story cannot be measured. The only thing that matters is that both you and your partner feel that your story was well told and captured because hey… that very moment in that very time, will only be experienced once in a lifetime, so why not ensure it’s well encapsulated. Your wedding is an absolutely grand time because it’s a celebration of your love story. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing two people in love and choosing to commit to each other before their friends and family. Trust us, every wedding gets to us, there’s just something about celebrating love. That’s why we’d like to hope that these questions at least gave you an idea of how to go about selecting your wedding coverage. At the end of the day, what counts is what you and your partner want. It’s you day, your love story and it deserves to be told how you want it to be.