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The Real Value of Your Wedding Videographer

It’s the happiest day of your life. You’ve spent months meticulously planning the wedding of your dreams, and then before you know it, it’s over. Many couples get so overwhelmed by all their planning that they are unable to fully enjoy their big day. This is where photography and videography come in. 

The reason couples invest so much in good photos and videos is that, at the end of the day, these are the most tangible means they have to remember that special celebration, from ceremony to reception.

These days, couples wonder if investing in quality photography and videography is overkill. This is especially true in an era when guests are all wielding mobile phones and uploading real-time videos of the wedding onto social media.

However, professional videographers are still one of the most important investments couples can make for their wedding. Don’t be wary of spending on a professional videographer to capture your big day. By the time you celebrate your tenth anniversary and reminisce about your wedding, you’ll be glad you have a stunning wedding video with carefully selected shots and beautiful cinematography to enjoy.

Here are five reasons why we believe videography is so valuable:

1. Professional Videographers Capture Details Others Will Miss

You may think shooting a wedding video is as easy as pointing at a camera at the couple, but it’s not. It’s about capturing all the right moments—your grandmother wiping away a single tear, the light pink of the sky as the sun sets, the bridesmaids clasping hands together in joy. 

All of these moments happen in a split second and a seasoned videographer knows exactly how to capture them.

2. Cinematography Can Capture the Mood and Feel of Your Event

A wedding video isn’t just a static capture of what happened; true wedding videography uses cinematography—angles, light, and more to truly capture not just the big moments but also the look and, more importantly, the feel of your special day. 

If done correctly, simply watching it won’t just remind you of what happened; it will remind you of how you felt when you said, “I do.”

3. Videography Captures Memories in a Way Photography Can’t

Photos are wonderful keepsakes, but videos and photos aren’t the same. While photos capture specific moments in time, a video captures the event in its entirety. 

When you look at old photos, you imagine what was happening when they were snapped. When you watch a video, you see those captured moments come to life.

4. A Professional Videographer Will Spend Days in Post-Production to Create the Best Edit

A videographer’s work isn’t done once the event is over. We spend hours and hours in post-production going over all the footage and putting together all the very best moments to create a cohesive, unique, and well-thought-out wedding keepsake.

5. A Truly Good Video Will Stand the Test of Time

A truly good video will not only look amazing, but the quality of both the content of the video and the video itself will stand the test of time. When you invest in good wedding videography you won’t be getting grainy or compressed phone videos, but stunning high-definition quality that you can enjoy with your spouse for years to come.